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The Amateur Theologian: Identity – Who Am I?

Here’s my latest “fun” revelation: I judge myself and others by the media’s values. Therefore, people are either good or bad, all suffering should end in “happily ever after,” and I let it define success, family, ethics, and physical beauty. … Continue reading

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Battle of the Bulge: What I’m Learning and Unanswered Questions

It has been a over month since I started on this new eating adventure: sitting down at a table to eat with no entertainment to distract me.  I confess that I have been far from perfect with it (this week … Continue reading

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Battle of the Buldge: Unforseen Challenges

Wonderfully, I lost three pounds the first two weeks of incorporating my new “eating strategy.” Sadly, I gained them all back this week.  There were some unforeseen challenges. 1. As stated in my previous post, sitting and eating at a … Continue reading

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Laughing At Spilled Milk: Dermatological Doom

This week I went to the mall to purchase a skin care system for my face. The mall.  I went to the mall.  The mall.  I have to keep saying it to myself because if I do maybe the shock … Continue reading

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Dear Me, The Other Side of Weight Loss…

“I’m not overweight. I’m just nine inches too short.” – Shelley Winters Dear Me, OK, girlie, here’s the thing.  Yes, someday you do lose most of the extra weight and get to a comfortable place – not too thin but … Continue reading

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