The Amateur Theologian: Identity – Who Am I?

Here’s my latest “fun” revelation:

I judge myself and others by the media’s values.
Therefore, people are either good or bad,
all suffering should end in “happily ever after,”
and I let it define
success, family, ethics, and physical beauty.


I swallowed a subconscious belief:
Conform to the media’s ideals;
Be “good enough.”

So, I serve these ideals to be OK.

That’s called idolatry…
and I’m sick of it.

Idolatry Definition

Film, TV, and Chick Lit teach:

We’re supposed to look a certain way


This video made me realize that, by obsessing over loosing weight so my body looks “right,” I’ve labored to turn  fiction into real life – and have become a shallow, self-absorbed, ungrateful ass in the process.

Were’ told:

We’re supposed to be the perfect parents
with the perfect kids.


Confession: I worked as hard as I knew how at being a perfect parent, and my mistakes are as long as my arm (listed in 11pt. font).

And the kids?

Well, in spite of my best efforts, they aren’t media-perfect; they’re human and flawed –  just like me.

Instead of taking heed of my life lessons, they insist on learning a lot the hard way – just like me.


We’re pushed to meet the world’s definition of success.


However, serving the superwoman image this society expects has just about killed me. Literally.

And I’m so tired of being tired…of not noticing people in the grocery line because I’m overcome with irritation that there is a line…of perceiving the ringing of the phone or doorbell as an irritation…and can someone please silence the “you’re not enough” demons who constantly push me into busyness?

Finally, a lot of sad things in my life didn’t end happily.The End

The older I get the more these truths comes home to roost:

  1. In this lifetime, there are few happy-ever-afters and closure is a scarce luxury.
  2. The reason something bad happened may never reveal itself on earth. Heck, there may not always be a reason. We’re only promised that God will bring good out of it.

Here’s the rub: realizing the problem doesn’t solve it.

Breaking free takes a stubborn commitment to
have one’s identity fully planted in Christ –
and nothing else.

What does this mean?

Here’s the definition God whispered right before life imploded and I lost almost every worldly thing I thought defined me: (Isn’t he just the best?)

I am so important to the Creator of everything, that he voluntarily came down as a man to die a gruesome death so I wouldn’t have to.


Yes, He thinks I’m so amazing, warts and all, that He would do anything just to be in intimate relationship with me forever!

But that’s not all. He made me an ambassadorship here on earth. He could have called me home ages ago, but keeps me here because I still have important work to do on His behalf. And someday, my service will be rewarded!

Once my work is finished, He will bring me home to the ultimate “happy ending”  where He has gone ahead to prepare a special place just for me! Death and pain and disease and evil will be gone!

DigHazuse Photography 2011

Best of all, my faith in Him will be sight!

When I ponder these truths acquiring stuff, chasing the perfect body and the world’s praise feel really hollow and even stupid.

Do I have the courage to live out my identity in Christ?  How would this affect day to day living?

What do you think?



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