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Oy! My Aching Walking Dead!

The past two days I’ve used a lot of spoons. After months and months of pinning, I was finally able to cross a bunch of recipes off my Pinterest to-try list. I made a *turmeric face mask, *detoxifying deodorant, *Egyptian … Continue reading

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Battle of the Buldge: Unforseen Challenges

Wonderfully, I lost three pounds the first two weeks of incorporating my new “eating strategy.” Sadly, I gained them all back this week.  There were some unforeseen challenges. 1. As stated in my previous post, sitting and eating at a … Continue reading

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Laughing At Spilled Milk: Picaken – a Test of Womanhood

Okay, I don’t usually post this frequently but the following must be processed. I’m thinking about making a picaken for Troy’s birthday.  For those of you who may not know, it’s a pie baked into a cake.  This totally cool … Continue reading

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