“I just wanted to convey to you how much you touched the lives of our moms.  I haven’t had a conversation in the last two weeks with a MOPS mom who didn’t express what a great speaker you are and how relevant the subject matter was to them. One mom even asked if we had a video recording!

“Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience with us.  Speaking is one of your gifts and I am grateful you are using to encourage others.”

“Thank you! We really, really enjoyed having you. One of the moms wanted to know if I could give her your email address-she loved you so!”

“As for me, I can’t thank you enough. You opened my eyes to something this morning – I walk around not really paying attention. Just busy taking care of last minute “stuff”. Now I can refocus and remember what my goals are-and make every effort to achieve them. I also called my husband and told him I’d marry him all over again-even knowing what I know now! He was very touched.”

“I just wanted to tell you how blessed I was.  Your message spoke directly to me and my life circumstances and I was so grateful that I was there to hear it!  You truly have a gift for reaching people through speaking and I can see God really using you to help others.  I left the meeting with a new outlook on life and a greater understanding on how to deal with my husband and children.  Thank you for that! God continue to bless you and your family and the obvious gifts He has bestowed on you!”

“Wow – all the ladies that I spoke to tonight LOVED your talk!  There were several ladies, like me, that wanted more details and tidbits!  Your presentation style is warm and engaging.  We could have listened to you for several more hours!”

“THANK YOU for blessing us through your presentation!  I heard several women say on their way out, “that way just what I needed.”


3 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Jaimie
    Your ability to touch our Moms for 3 years now in our NIGHT MOPS group has meant so much to me as a leader. It has been such a joy to talk with you, and hear you talk. You truly have become our FAVORITE speaker!
    Thank you!

    • LASM says:

      Thanks Annemarie! I just love your group of ladies. Thanks for having me back and excited to see you all tomorrow!

  2. Kristen Madl says:

    Hello! I am a stay-at-home mom who just “graduated” from MOPS. I am starting a MOMSnext group at our church this fall and heard that your Chocolate Friendships is phenomenal. Do you travel as a guest speaker or is this available on dvd? I would love to bring this to my group. Thank you so much!

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