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Woman to Woman

Chocolate Friendships – Though women are constantly surrounded by people (their families, coworkers, fellow shoppers, etc.), many are living lonely lives. In Chocolate Friendships we examine why friendships are vital to the emotional health of women, the levels of friendship, and why it is so difficult for the modern woman to pursue and maintain friendships. We also look at strategies for keeping relationships active and healthy in our busy world. (Chocolate samples are given for an additional $5 charge.)

The Fruit of Motherhood – When moms become overwhelmed, dry and burned out from constant giving it can be helpful to be reminded of, “What’s in it for me?” In this talk we contrast what we thought the fruit of motherhood would be before we had children versus the rich fruit that we actually receive.

Unmet Needs – In this session we will answer questions such as: How can a woman, whose job description is to meet the needs of everyone around her, get her needs met as well?  What are her needs (versus wants)? How can she function at an effective level when those needs go unmet?  (this talk runs 1 hour)

Contentment – Encourages practicing the discipline of contentment in those areas of your life that you cannot change, and examines the influences and misconceptions that battle to keep Mom from experiencing contentment.

Stress and Anxiety – Looks at why women are especially vulnerable to them, the unhealthy ways we cope, and healthy strategies to overcome them.


Mommy Guilt – We define real mommy guilt, perceived mommy guilt, how to tell the difference, and how to process both in a way that grows us as mothers/women and blesses our family!

A Home Full of Laughter – Like it or not a mother’s attitude sets the emotional temperature of her home.  We unpack this truth, identify the obstacles to a good attitude and learn how to overcome them.

Child Discipline – We discuss how child discipline is a misnomer (it is really parent discipline!) while taking an objective look at the different philosophies to teach your child self-control and learn how any mom can effectively implement her chosen style.

Quelling the Grouchy Volcano – With humor and grace we honestly discuss understanding and managing mom anger.

Grace in the TrenchesWe all expect ourselves to parent with grace, joy, patience – but what about when your baby descends into the underworld of colic, your three year old performs public displays of self will to judging crowds, your grade school son believes bath water will melt him, or your teenager deflects your every directive with the dreaded eye roll of death? In this workshop we will learn how to practice grace for these little darlings who daily push our limits and how to allow grace for ourselves when parenting exposes the dark corners of our personality. This talk is centered around Biblical and Christian teaching.


Love in the Trenches – Jamison and her husband Troy together address the challenge of keeping your marriage healthy while raising children including staying connected, sex during the preschool years and conflict resolution. This talk includes time for Q & A.


Christmas Carol History – A heartwarming look at four familiar Christmas carols (O Little Town of Bethlehem, Silent Night, What Child is This, Joy to the World), and the rich lives of the men who wrote them.  This talk subtly outlines the Gospel in a non-threatening way.  We also sing each carol!  A pianist and availability to Power Point are a bonus, but not necessary.

A Woman’s Hope – We unpack the things that the average mother hangs her hopes upon, why they will inevitably disappoint us, and what is the one safe place to put our hopes. The Gospel is clearly outlined in this talk.

Parenting in Adversity – In this testimonial Jamison shares her journey of parenting her Autistic son and the many lessons God has taught her about following the true head of her home as opposed to parenting out of her own strength and wisdom.

Unmet Needs (Christian emphasis) – In this session we will answer questions such as: How can a woman, whose job description is to meet the needs of everyone around her, get her needs met as well? What are her needs (versus wants)? How can she function at an effective level when those needs go unmet?  (this talk runs 1 hour)

Leadership Retreat/Training

Your Unique Leadership Team – Uncovers the unique personalities and spiritual gifts of your Leadership Team as well as examines ways that conflicts can arise and be resolved when these gifts and personalities clash.  This talk is given in three one hour sessions but can be condensed if needed.

The Five W’s of Your Unique Group – The purpose of this session is to uncover the unique needs and vision of your group for both the sake of unity among leadership and shared purpose. Through guided discussion we uncover the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of your leadership group and evaluate the effectiveness of your group in years past (where appropriate).  We will also write growth goals for your group’s coming year, and brainstorm strategies for reaching those goals.

Spiritual Development*

Kingdom Coming Down A four session retreat series that unpacks what
the Kingdom of God is and how believers fit into it.

Key Verse: “My Kingdom is not an earthly Kingdom…my Kingdom is not of this world.” John 18:36

  • Thy Kingdom Come: What On Earth Does That Mean? In this session we learn what the Kingdom of God is, where the Kingdom of God is and how believers fit into it.
  • The Curse of the PhariseesIn this session we will unpack the qualifications of the Kingdom Worker.
  • Hope For The MarthaholicHere we take a good look at the trap of working for Jesus as opposed to with Jesus to further his Kingdom.
  • I’ll Fly Away In this session we take a look at what the Final Kingdom will be like: the many things we don’t know, but the important things that we do, and how this knowledge should affect our daily work and attitude.

Praise You in this Storm A five session retreat workshop that addresses suffering and its role in spiritual growth and development

Key Verse: “I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me.  Here on earth (in this world) you will have many trials and sorrows.  But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33

  • Suffering 101 – In this workshop we define suffering, unpack what God means when He promises to protect his children, and ask the question, “Is there a reason for suffering?” as well as take a look to personally reflect upon our current burdens.
  • When the Faithful are Shaken – Several places in scripture we are called to be unshakable in the face of great trials and tribulations.  But what happens when our suffering does indeed leave our faith shaken?  Can believers struggle with doubt yet still be faithful? In this session we will look at the ways we each typically respond when trial and crisis hit, the doubts we struggle with and where we need strength to stand up to The Enemy.
  • Stones of Remembrance – In this session Jamie shares her personal “suffering testimony” as an example of how God redeems and even uses suffering in our lives.
  • Time of Sharing –– This is a special time set aside for the retreat participants to share one encounter with suffering that God has used to their benefit and His Glory.  It is a moving time of both faith and community building.
  • Stirred, but not Shaken – – Here we wrap up our time together by looking at the spiritual discipline of living in the Joy of the Lord.

Joy Comes in the MorningA three session workshop that unpacks the ingredients of Biblical Joy.

Key Verse – “You turned my wailing into dancing.  You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with Joy.” – Psalm 30:11

  • The Seven Ingredients of Biblical Joy Part OneUnpacks the first three ingredients of Joy: Knowledge of God, Love for God, and Faith as well as the obstacles and misconceptions of each.
  • The Seven Ingredients of Biblical Joy Part Two – Unpacks the next three ingredients of Joy: Knowledge of Self in Christ, Hope, and Peace as well as the obstacles and misconceptions of each.
  • The Seventh Ingredient of Joy: Fellowship – Takes a look at why fellowship can be such a struggle and well as why it is such a powerful ingredient of joy.

* (Any of the talks within each Spiritual Development retreat series can also be given alone)

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