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Why I’ve Gone All Granola: Living in Spoons

My kidney transplant came on rather quickly. Between the times I learned I would need one “someday” and “now!” was six days, so it wasn’t until my pre-op appointment that someone made serious eye contact and stated in a sign-here-that-we-said-this-so-we’re-not-liable … Continue reading

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Dear Me: And We’re Back!

“If you did nothing… would God still love you?” A friend asked you this back in your most intense Marthaholic days. You were so upset at the very thought of not producing for God’s Kingdom, you told her you didn’t … Continue reading

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Everything You Never Wanted to Know About IVs

When I was a little girl I had 10 cases of pneumonia in a year which landed me in the hospital every time.  Since my dad was the director of food services there, I equated hospitals with two things: all … Continue reading

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