About Me

Linda's Artwork - Jamie Pencil Drawing

Once upon a time there was a bubbly, passionate, optimistic young woman whose favorite possession was a pair of rose colored glasses. Through them she saw all that “happily ever after” implies. Her husband would be a zealous romantic who spent his lunch hours dreaming up new ways to sweep her off her feet. The children would be exceptionally talented, hard working, and socially brilliant (i.e. perfected versions of her). As a wife and mother she would have all of the answers and speak to her family in a sweet lilting voice while her body proved immune to gravity and UV rays.


Life for the modern woman often does not meet up to our expectations. However, though open sharing, advice from experience and humor, Jamison teaches that life is much richer and can bring cascades of joy despite the myth of Happily Ever After.

Jamison Woodward Durbin is a writer, speaker, jazz vocalist as well as the wife of Troy and mother of four (Timothy-25, Tommy-23, Johnathan-22 and Jenny Girl-20). She is a graduate of the School of Women’s Ministries and served as Coordinator of Women’s Ministries/Retreats, as well on the Preaching Team.

A enthusiastic supporter of MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers) International, Jamison attended a MOPS support groups for ten years. In 1997 she started a new MOPS group in her home church where she was the coordinator for three years. In 2008 she returned to start a Mentor program and in 2013 began a Night MOPS/MOMSNext group. She has had the honor of giving back by sharing her experience in MOPS International leadership teaching and fundraising.

Jamison’s humorous speaking style has been enjoyed at women’s’ groups, churches, and retreats since 1996.